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LH 150: Getting The Best Flavor From Your Fresh Produce

Whether you're harvesting from an epic kitchen garden or supporting your local farmers' market, you want that fresh produce to SHINE when it hits the dinner table.

That's not always how it happens though, is it? Fresh vegetables can be tricky to properly cook. A less than stellar experience with a veggie can turn us and our family off of it completely.

Which is why host Theresa Loe brought on Alana Chernila to tell us about her latest cookbook that's all about how to prepare simple, perfect vegetables every time. It doesn't get much more "farm fresh" than that!

Plus, Alana shares a super simple (yet delicious) recipe with us. You can get a PDF print out of the recipe in the show notes. (see below)

You will learn:

  • What 4 types of ingredients to boost flavor
  • What is the most underappreciated veggie and why
  • The best way to prepare cauliflower everyone will LOVE
  • Why being courageous with ingredients can transform us as a cook
  • How one bad experience can ruin a veggie
  • Why roasting makes so many veggies taste magical
  • How to make a Fresh Corn & Stone Fruit side dish
  • And SO MUCH more...

As always, you can get more links, free resources and even a PDF recipe at as well as a full transcript of the show.

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