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LH 147: Saving Our Native Bees

With many of the foods we grow, bees are critcal. Without bees, we won't have much of a crop at all...or we have NO crop at all.

But when you hear about the importance of bees in the media or the struggle of bees in the news...all you hear about are the honeybees.

And yet...There are OTHER bees that may play an even more important role in our backyard food system. The native bee.

And they are struggling even more!

On this episode host Theresa Loe brings on author Paige Embry to dive into that struggle and what WE can do to help.

We love honeybees and Theresa has covered them on the podcast many times. So, they are part of this equation too!

But in this episode, you'll learn the plight of native bees and how our gardening efforts directly impact them as well.

You will learn:

  • The difference between a native bee and the honey bee
  • What makes native bees so essential to our garden
  • Why are these bees struggling & why don't we hear more
  • Why honey bees can't pollinate tomatoes
  • What simple steps we can do to help
  • What is the Great Sunflower Project
  • And more...

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LH 146: Canning Q&A With Theresa Loe

We're coming up on canning season again, so it's time to freshen up our knowledge! Host Theresa Loe receives a lot of wonderful questions from listeners that they would like to see covered on the podcast...especially about preserving the harvest.  So in this episode, she dives into some canning Q & A using questions submitted by listeners. 

You will learn:

  • What food preservation method is best for your priorities
  • Why preparing jam in large quantities is tricky
  • How to save that batch of overcooked jam
  • What's the shelf life of preserved jams
  • How to tell when it's time to throw away canned jam
  • And so much more..

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LH 145: Update on Beginning Homesteader Bev Ross

There’s SO much to learn when you are just starting out in homesteading. But the fun is in the journey of learning new homesteading skills as you go!

In today’s episode, host Theresa Loe brings back Bev Ross who was the guest on Episode 122: Lessons From A Beginner Homesteader.  Theresa wanted to catch up with Bev and have her share her newest adventure: Raising Baby Goats! (They are adorable)

Honestly, Bev isn't a beginner anymore. She has learned so much and grown so much in the last 10 months since her homesteading journey started.  

In this episode, Bev shares what’s happening in that journey and what’s up next.

You will learn:

  •      Why you might want goats some day
  •      What is REALLY involved with raising baby goats
  •      Why naming your farm animals can be so fun
  •      How these goats will co-exist with a chicken flock
  •      The ups and downs of homesteading
  •      The lessons in everyday moments on a working homestead
  •      How you can plant more perennial food sources
  •      What’s next for the homestead

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LH 144: Cooking Through The Seasons with Foodie-Farmer Andrea Bemis

This week’s episode is a fun chat between host Theresa Loe and foodie-farmer Andrea Bemis.

If you don’t know Andrea, she is the brains behind the Dishing Up the Dirt Blog and the author of the book by the same name. Andrea is all about sharing the authentic journey of being an organic farmer who also happens to be a foodie.

In this episode, she shares the good, the bad, and the delicious meals in between!

You will learn:

  • What it’s really like to be a small-scale organic farmer
  • What it means to eat seasonally
  • Why beets are Andrea’s “spirit vegetable”
  • How to make “Beet Butter” and how to use it
  • The benefits of a buyer-farmer relationship
  • Advice for anyone considering the farming life
  • And so much more

As always, you can get more information and free links in the show notes at: as well as a full (printable) transcript of the episode. 

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