Living Homegrown Podcast with Theresa Loe

LH 154: Big flavor in a waste free kitchen

You asked for it, so host Theresa Loe brought back author Alana Chernila for another episode!

This time, they chat about getting the very best flavors from our produce and how to use left over scraps so that nothing from our garden goes to waste!

They also talk about caring for our wooden kitchen tools and Alana shares a recipe for making a special cream (wood butter) that will help our wooden spoons last for a lifetime.


You will learn:

  • How to get the last bit of flavor from our produce
  • The trick to making the very best soup stock
  • Why strawberry hulls can be used in beverages
  • How to reduce waste in the kitchen
  • What is spoon butter
  • Why caring for our kitchen tools can make all the difference
  • What are the life lessons we can learn from cooking real food
  • Tips for slowing down to savor the day
  • And more…

As always, you can learn more, get ALL the links mentioned, and download a print out of the Wood Butter recipe at: and also get a full transcript of the episode. 

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LH 153: How to make real, old-fashioned pickles

Summer is here and homegrown cucumbers are ripening on the vine. Let’s make REAL pickles - The old fashioned kind!

What's a “real” pickle?

It’s where you use natural fermentation (and NO vinegar) to change a cucumber into a crisp, sour treat. They are delicious and nutritious!

Host Theresa Loe interviews Karen Diggs who is Theresa's chief fermentation instructor inside her Living Homegrown Institute

You will learn:

  • Why fermented food is so good for you
  • How to use common kitchen tools as your vessel
  • Why fermentation is so safe
  • Which type of salt is best
  • The secret ingredient that will give you a crisp pickle
  • How to store your finished pickles
  • And MUCH more...

 As always, you can get a printable version of the recipe, special links for more fermentation information and a full transcript of the episode at:

This episode was brought to you by Theresa's monthly membership: The Living Homegrown Institute where you have access to a whole library of masterclasses teaching you how to live farm fresh without the farm.  Go to for more information.

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152: Why Backyard Chickens Make Great Pets

Host Theresa Loe has been keeping chickens in her small Los Angeles backyard for about 10-11 years. Her family loves having chickens and her friends and neighbors enjoy the eggs.

Many people don't know just how easy it is to care for chickens! 

In today's episode, Theresa chats with author Melissa Caughey about all the considerations of starting your own flock, what you need for babies and adult chickens AND how it can be such a fun experience for children.

You will learn:

  • What makes backyard chickens so great
  • The first thing you need to check out before ever starting
  • What's involved in the day-to-day care
  • Which breeds are best for beginners
  • Why you never go to the feed store to just "look" at chicks
  • How to use the eggs of Bantam breeds
  • What are the requirements for baby chick care
  • And more...

As always, you can get all the links mentioned at as well as a full transcript of the episode. 

This episode was brought to you by Theresa's Living Homegrown Institute which is her monthly membership site that gives you access to a whole library of masterclasses from food growing to cheese making. To learn more, go to to download her Farm Fresh Success Path PDF.

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