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LH 162: How to Grow More Food In the Space You Have

Today's episode is an ENCORE episode.

What is that you ask?

An encore episode is an episode that has been previously published, but it was SO long ago, you may have missed it. This particular episode is packed with useful information that you'll love.

Do you ever wish you had more garden space in which to grow food?

If you're like most gardeners, you'll find yourself thumbing through seed catalogs, bummed out that you can't plant all that you want to grow.

Or maybe you end up with WAY too much zucchini and NOT enough salad greens. Right?

On this episode, host Theresa Loe interviews Colin McCrate about using high yield farming tricks (but on a smaller backyard-size scale) to get more food in our backyard space!


You Will Learn:

  • How just a little planning can make a huge difference
  • What it means to plant in succession
  • What is relay planting
  • How to calculate exactly how much to grow
  • How to double your crop storage time by harvesting correctly
  • And SO much more...

 As always, you can get ALL the related links by going to and you'll find a full transcript there as well.

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LH 161: Grow Landscape Plants that are Beautiful AND Delicious

As gardeners we grow tons of veggies and fruit, but there are many other landscape plants that are delicious as well as ornamental.

So let's think outside the box of planting our gardens in rows. In this episode, host Theresa Loe brings on author Mike Lascelle to discuss a unique mix of perennial plants that can beautify our gardens and fill our plates at the same time.

You CAN have your yard and eat it too.

You will learn:

  •      Why clove currant is often overlooked as an edible
  •      Why hops is a great conversation starter
  •      What is a Yuzu tree and why you want one
  •      Can you really eat a redbud
  •      How to grow your own tea
  •      What is the dry roasting process for green tea
  •      How to make a linden cordial
  •      And MUCH more…

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LH 160:  How to preserve protein-packed foods with gourmet flavors 

In this episode, host Theresa Loe talks with author Karen Solomon about turning your kitchen counter into a deli counter by preserving your own meat with dry curing, brine curing, smoking, and drying.

Karen is the author of "Cured Meat, Smoked Fish and Pickled Eggs" and she shares the secrets to success with each of these techniques and how you can enhance the flavors of what you preserve.

You’ll Learn:

  • The ease of dry curing in your refrigerator
  • How brine curing works for things like pastrami and ham
  • If you can safely skip using nitrites and nitrates
  • The difference between hot and cold smoking in preservation
  • How to stay safe when curing meat
  • Why you don’t need a dehydrator to dry meats
  • The special safety recommendation when working with game meat
  • A simple trick for keeping your dry meats dry in storage
  • How to make ‘Sour Orange Beef Jerky’ for road trips
  • And SO much more..

For the printable recipe Karen shares on the show, go to and you can also get links to everything mentioned. There are also more episodes in the show notes related to curing and smoking. 

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LH 159: Using Science to Improve Flavor & Food Production

In this episode, host Theresa Loe brought back author Dr. Lee Reich to make us a better gardener…using science!

When we fully understand the reasons behind the gardening techniques, we are better equipped to handle any problems that come along. And in this discussion, you'll learn the real reasons behind why we need to do what we do. 

You will learn:

  • How ethylene really works to ripen our tomatoes
  • Why some fruits should never be picked early
  • The 3 benefits of organic matter in our soil
  • The real truth about drainage in flowerpots
  • How to improve the flavor of certain fruits
  •  The secret to keeping your seeds in long term storage
  • And SO much more...

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