Living Homegrown Podcast with Theresa Loe

LH 149: How to Cook Real Food with Real Ingredients

This episode is not just about Southern cooking, its about cooking from scratch using the freshest of produce and herbs. (Just like those we grow in our gardens)

And it's about preparing real, whole food where you know and can pronounce all of the ingredients.

Host Theresa Loe brought on nutritionist and author Ashley English to share her food journey and why she made her way back to her Southern cooking roots.

She offers tips about everything from biscuits and bacon to fruit desserts and local eating.

Oh! And there's also a Bourbon Bacon Jam recipe that you will LOVE. YUM!

You will learn:

  • Why you should use whole ingredients in your kitchen
  • How regional ingredients sumac and sorghum are used
  • What fats are part of a healthy diet
  • How Southern food can be healthy, flavorful, and fun
  • And so much more

To get a free PDF download of Ashley's Bourbon Bacon Jam Recipe, got to and you'll also find links to more information (including Ashley's favorite Biscuit Recipe!). There is also other related episodes and full transcript of the show.

This episode was brought to you by Theresa's membership site: The Living Homegrown Institute where you have access to a whole library of masterclasses on everything from growing heirloom tomatoes to making cheese and fermenting veggies. To learn more, go to to get Theresa's Farm Fresh Success Path.

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