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LH 148: Simple Ways To Prepare Food For An Emergency

Being prepared for emergencies is an important topic to cover because no matter where we live, we could face a weather event or community emergency that requires us to be on our own for a bit.

This is not about living in fear that at any moment there will be a zombie apocalypse. It's just about being ready for the that you DON'T have to worry.

Being prepared is so easy and so important.

In this episode, host Theresa Loe chats with preparation expert and author, Kathy Harrison, about how as gardeners and food preservers, we can plan ahead and be ready when these situations arise.

And here's the best part...They also chat about delicious ways to use and rotate out the food we store. You'll love it!

You will learn:

  • What types of food can be stored long term
  • How long it can be stored for
  • How to create a simple plan for food storage
  • Why you will want to rotate out that food
  • How to cook up your storage in super delicious ways
  • And much more

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