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LH 147: Saving Our Native Bees

With many of the foods we grow, bees are critcal. Without bees, we won't have much of a crop at all...or we have NO crop at all.

But when you hear about the importance of bees in the media or the struggle of bees in the news...all you hear about are the honeybees.

And yet...There are OTHER bees that may play an even more important role in our backyard food system. The native bee.

And they are struggling even more!

On this episode host Theresa Loe brings on author Paige Embry to dive into that struggle and what WE can do to help.

We love honeybees and Theresa has covered them on the podcast many times. So, they are part of this equation too!

But in this episode, you'll learn the plight of native bees and how our gardening efforts directly impact them as well.

You will learn:

  • The difference between a native bee and the honey bee
  • What makes native bees so essential to our garden
  • Why are these bees struggling & why don't we hear more
  • Why honey bees can't pollinate tomatoes
  • What simple steps we can do to help
  • What is the Great Sunflower Project
  • And more...

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