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LH 145: Update on Beginning Homesteader Bev Ross

There’s SO much to learn when you are just starting out in homesteading. But the fun is in the journey of learning new homesteading skills as you go!

In today’s episode, host Theresa Loe brings back Bev Ross who was the guest on Episode 122: Lessons From A Beginner Homesteader.  Theresa wanted to catch up with Bev and have her share her newest adventure: Raising Baby Goats! (They are adorable)

Honestly, Bev isn't a beginner anymore. She has learned so much and grown so much in the last 10 months since her homesteading journey started.  

In this episode, Bev shares what’s happening in that journey and what’s up next.

You will learn:

  •      Why you might want goats some day
  •      What is REALLY involved with raising baby goats
  •      Why naming your farm animals can be so fun
  •      How these goats will co-exist with a chicken flock
  •      The ups and downs of homesteading
  •      The lessons in everyday moments on a working homestead
  •      How you can plant more perennial food sources
  •      What’s next for the homestead

As always, you can learn more and get all the links mentioned by going to the show notes for this episode at: and you will also find a full transcript there.

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